A washing room (or wash bay system) is a space dedicated to the cleaning of vehicles such as cars, trucks, heavy machinery, etc. It is designed to provide thorough and effective cleaning, often offering better wash quality than traditional manual methods.
Wash bays are usually equipped with a hot-water high-pressure cleaner, a hose rail system or spring-loaded hose reels, wash booms, high-pressure spray gun/lance holders, cleaning brushes, a soap mixer or high-pressure foam system (MHP), industrial detergent and other wash accessories.
When using a wash bay, you drive your vehicle into the dedicated room or space, then unhook and operate the high-pressure spray gun provided in the wash room. With a rail system, you can walk alongside your vehicle without having any hoses on the floor. Once the first rinse is complete, you can apply the detergent using the soap mixer or MHP system. When cleaning is complete, you can walk out of the wash bay with your vehicle clean and dry.
Washrooms offer several advantages, including fast, efficient cleaning, reduced water use compared to hand washing, and access to professional wash equipment, such as industrial all-electric cleaners with integrated 48kW water heaters. They are popular in trucking centers, professional car washes, car dealerships and other facilities dedicated to vehicle cleaning.
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