There are many different types of surface cleaner. Conventional surface cleaners, others with front jets, with Ventury systems, those that clean under vehicles or others that are reservable. A surface cleaner is a tool used to efficiently clean large, flat surfaces such as sidewalks, terraces, driveways, parking lots, exterior walls and so on.
It is designed to facilitate the cleaning process by using the power of pressurized water to remove dirt, stains, debris and surface deposits. The surface cleaner generally consists of a flat cleaning head attached to a handle or lance. The cleaning head is equipped with nozzles that project high-pressure water onto the surface to be cleaned. It is designed to cover a large area in a single pass, saving time and effort compared to using a conventional high-pressure cleaner with a standard nozzle.
When the surface cleaner is in use, it simply glides over the surface to be cleaned, and the pressurized water jets remove dirt and impurities. Some models of surface cleaner can also be fitted with built-in rotating brushes to improve cleaning efficiency by scrubbing the surface as pressurized water is applied.
Surface cleaners are commonly used in commercial and industrial cleaning jobs, as they can quickly clean large areas with greater efficiency than traditional cleaning methods. They can be used with either electric or petrol-powered high-pressure cleaners, depending on requirements and the power needed for cleaning.
In short, a surface cleaner is a specialized tool that uses pressurized water to clean large, flat surfaces quickly and efficiently, offering a convenient means of achieving satisfactory cleaning results.
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