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Hydro Tek ANS55
Sludge evacuation tool - 5.5 (0 degree)

Product No: 15236


Turn your pressure washer into a sludge, slurry or water evacuation tool
• Sludge pump - 5.5 (0 degree)
• Durable stainless steel scupper will not break, rust or corrode with heavy duty industrial use, will fit tight into corners, and can be used to loosen muck, like a scraper.
• Exclusive design works efficiently at an angle and performs up to 45% better than other sludge pumps.
• Extract vertically up to two stories
• Extraction rate is up to 15 times the pressure washer flow rate.
• Flood recovery and clean up.
• Cleanout of car wash sump pits, settling tanks, and troughs.
• Drain fountains, ponds, and small pools for cleaning.
• This is also an alternative for a sump pump or similar to suck up sludge, mud, paint or chemicals without pump damage.


  • ANS55 Datasheet