Our Story...
November 1997: The Founders
Richard and Pierre have been in the pressure washing equipment business for over 25 years. They were therefore far from being newcomers when they launched Multi Pression L.C. in the middle of the ice storm in 1998. First established in the east end of Montreal, the PME in full swing moved to the South Shore of Montreal, first in Sainte-Julie, and finally in its current premises, in Boucherville. From the outset, noting a void in the market, the company made its mark in the maintenance of high-pressure washing systems. The company has grown from two service trucks at the very beginning, to a fleet of seven vehicles for the maintenance of pressure washers. The company focused on the design of custom-made rail systems and pressure washers.
Founders Richard Cournoyer and Pierre Lalonde
Multi Pression L.C. distributes Canadian devices such as Dynablast and Kodiak as well as the Californian line Hydro Tek. But the company has also assembled its own washing devices marketed under the name of Turbo Tek, devices assembled by its technicians.
Multi Pression L.C. is more than a distributor, it is a parts and maintenance center for high pressure washing equipment. It is also a company for custom projects, whether for rolling stock, with fully autonomous mobile washing units or for fixed installations, for a whole range of uses.
Multi Pression L.C. offers a complete vehicle bay wash system design service. And to ensure better performance and more advanced ergonomics, the company was one of the first to develop the concept of a bay wash with hoses on rails, instead of traditional reels. Thus, the hoses and guns are at all times within reach, and thus remain far from the ground, where breakages usually occur.
Multi Pression L.C. offers turnkey solutions for bay wash ranging from 20 to 100 feet long. Whether you already have your basic equipment or are starting from scratch, the technicians develop a tailor-made concept for you, adapted to your needs. In addition to offering a complete line of washing devices, Multi Pression L.C. also distributes its own line of detergents, acids and solvents for all needs. Pressure devices are far from being limited to washing vehicles . Today, exciting new opportunities are the result of the expertise and innovation of people like Pierre and Richard.
Innovations that set us apart
Faced with the ban on using pesticides and herbicides to control weeds, municipalities can now count on an alternative. The Hydrocide mode offered by Multi Pression L.C. sprays a large volume of water at very high temperatures to suppress weeds. This system is highly appreciated by towns and municipalities, which can thus avoid using herbicides. This increasingly popular solution has been applied by Multi Pression L.C. on a fully autonomous trailer, which gives municipal horticulturists an efficient and easy-to-use tool.
The company has also worked closely with Hydro-Québec to design equipment for cleaning high voltage wire insulators. This project stems from an experience in Tunisia, where Hydro-Québec International was looking for a solution to clean the insulators between pylons and high voltage wires, which tend to become clogged with dust and sand, causing the formation of electric arcs.
Together with the state-owned company, Multi Pression L.C. has developed equipment that allows insulators to be cleaned without having to interrupt the current of high-voltage lines. The use of demineralised water and non-conductive casings enabled this technical feat.
2014-2015: Company succession
It's no coincidence... two paths cross in April 2014 and 9 more months, an acquisition was about to take place.
Éric Veillette, working for a company in the field of welding, responsible for business development for the Eastern Canada, target with the help of a friend a company in the field of welding that could be for sale. Having had a few discussions with the potential seller and knowing that he lacks a few tools, he decides with his wife to enroll in a training course. During the training, the participants had to introduce themselves, the trainer listens carefully to Eric's presentation. The trainer was Jimmy Boudreault, formerly coordinator at the CLD de Longueuil and having extensive experience in the financial field.
A winning combination
On December 1, 2014, Jimmy Boudreault and Éric Veillette joined this wonderful company. These had been chosen by the former owners to take the reins of the company. One of them, Pierre Lalonde, wanted to stay with them for a few more years in sales, which allowed them to transfer knowledge, customers and products.
Jimmy et Éric
Through new values in December 2015, our next step was to create an internal sales department in order to improve our sales cycle, i.e. shorten it, ensure that our sales team is on the road as often as possible.
A year later, the new owners quickly tried to create a new image at Multi Pression L.C.. A new name arose, that of "Multi PSI", PSI being the unit of measurement for pressure, as well as a new color (team choice), an eco-green in order to be easily identifiable in the market and finally introduce a new logo.